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Neal Morse Morsefest (2 Blu-ray)

Neal Morse Morsefest (2 Blu-ray) / (2015)
Neal Morse Morsefest (2 Blu-ray)
 • Over 5 hours of great performances including the entire Testimony and One albums plus special encores of the Spock's Beard classic, "The Light" featuring Alan Morse, and the Transatlantic epic "Stranger In Your Soul." Also included is a behind-the-scenes documentary with footage of Neal's exclusive acoustic concert, rehearsal footage, "Name That Prog Tune" game with Mike and more! Complete with 4 piece horn section, 6 member female background vocal section, violin and cello, full orchestra percussion with timpani and chimes, dancers, special guests and special staging, this is the most elaborate live release of Neal Morse's career! Neal even flew out Rich Mouser who mixed the original studio albums to do the front of house mix! Neal says "We really went all out this time. I wanted it to be the quintessential presentation and performance of this music." And so it was...and is! Says Mike Portnoy - "I've got to say... as a fan of this wonderful music, how incredible this is! I am so happy to see this come to fruition. This music really deserves this… everything from the incredible presentation, and all these amazing musicians...it's great to hear this music come to life on stage like this. To be doing it in his hometown with all his friends and family present and to be doing it here in this building that has such incredible importance to him and his story, it's elevated the music to a whole new level. This is just been an amazing experience!"

• Disc 1 - Morsefest 2014 Night 1
Testimony Live plus Encores

– Part One –
01. The Land of Beginning Again
02. Overture No. 1
03. California Nights
04. Colder in the Sun
05. Sleeping Jesus
06. Interlude
07. The Prince of the Power of the Air
08. The Promise
09. Wasted Life
– Part Two –
10. Overture No. 2
11. Break of Day
12. Power in the Air
13. Somber Days
14. Long Story
15. It's All I Can Do
– Part Three –
16. Transformation
17. Ready to Try
18. Sing it high
– Part Four –
19. Moving in my Heart
20. I Am Willing
21. In the Middle
22. The Storm Before the Calm
23. Oh, to Feel Him
24. God‘s Theme
– Part Five –
25. Overture No. 3
26. Rejoice
27. Oh Lord My God
28. God's Theme 2
29. The Land of Beginning Again
– Encores –
30. Jayda
31. Time Has Come
32. Jesus' Blood

• Disc 2 - Morsefest 2014 Night 2
One Live plus Encores

01. The Creation
02. The Man's Gone
03. Nothing To Believe
04. Author Of Confusion
05. The Separated Man
06. Cradle to the Grave
07. Help Me/Spirit and the Flesh
08. King Jesus
09. Father Of Forgiveness
10. Reunion
– Encores –
11. It's For You
12. Wind At My Back
13. The Light
14. Stranger In Your Soul

Информация о DVD-диске Neal Morse Morsefest (2 Blu-ray)
Жанр: Blu-ray disc / Музыка
Производство: США
В ролях:
Время: 388 мин
Качество: DVD
Язык: Английский Dolby Digital 2.0
Цена: 602 р.       »   В корзину
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